Buddha mentioned suffering as something we wish to see the end of. “Suffering and the end of suffering,” he identifies.

Craving, he mentions, is the cause of suffering. We either crave something we don’t have, or have craving to be free of something.

Identify craving! Identify also being on a path of something you truly enjoy, the desire of this.

When we stand tall, we can, with respect to others’, all others’, power, “ride” the power of something that seems beyond us at first, and come into our own strength.

when are we going to live forever

how immortal is the soul, are souls

when are we going to live forever


creative challenge

supporting you

with your creative path

being supported


how does the dreaming last

how does youth shine, on and on

when will youth shine on and on


how corrupted is life

when do we seek the only peace

in the only way it presents itself


when everything would be divine,

why do we fear

what is it in us

that can’t make things right


hope would say that things will work out

fear hopes, without clear feeling

power is for good,

when would power be corrupt


again and again

I fear

mothering all

power of powers


fear, when it is there,

‘knows’ it will

stay forever;

whatever that would make things

at one,

I seek


let me find true power



breathe, my lungs

I breathe with my heart

I take in all energies in my life


the receptivity feels great with spiritual energies

and pleasant emotion

maybe I can be like a mirror to my life

that my heart can be like a mirror

maybe I can take it all in

into this great receptive heart

and things, truth, will be found

things can make sense


inside my heart, there became a threefold flame,

as I became receptive, it was there

three flames of white against dark

with each flame of pink, blue and gold tip, respectively

the energies stream through my crown and down,

down into my heart, through my heart


I believe this receptivity will highlight things,

show things,

as they are


my heart is a mirror to itself

my life is my heart

as I take in life around me, into my heart,

I hope to make sense of it all

finding myself

I would promote you;

if I can find myself

I’ll be like the mother


your promotion would be

like a magnificence absolutely

I love you


what is this power

Seeker; when a thought is thought

when is it that when a new thought is thought

it is as majestic a motion as a peace treaty signed

to be prepared is to be aware

of all kinds of thoughts

when do we encourage this range

of thought experiences

a thought can lead to a line in a discussion

can lead to a motion or an agreement

when would thought come through

as action

many of my actions have hurt people

why couldn’t I find my sensitivity


they say, you will realise you already had

what you have been looking for

maybe it was simply the detachment

from where you first set off

finding then, self, in a new way

maybe someone great to one

found this one in a new way


you are great to me

receive me

know me

I will try and express my creative dream


I seek widespread peace

what is this enlightenment

that it seems a part

of this peace